Word Press Developer

Strong proficiency in WordPress: A deep understanding of WordPress core functionalities, themes, plugins, and customizations.

Proficient in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript: Solid front-end development skills to create visually appealing and responsive websites.

PHP programming skills: Ability to write clean and efficient PHP code for developing custom WordPress themes and plugins.

Experience with WordPress theme development: Familiarity with popular WordPress theme frameworks and the ability to create custom themes from scratch or modify existing ones.

Plugin customization and development: Proficiency in extending and customizing WordPress plugins to meet specific project requirements.

Knowledge of MySQL databases: Understanding of database management and the ability to optimize WordPress database queries.

Responsive and mobile-friendly design: Ability to create websites that are visually appealing and functional across various devices and screen sizes.

Problem-solving and debugging skills: Capability to identify and resolve issues, perform debugging, and ensure smooth website functionality.

Knowledge of SEO best practices: Understanding of SEO principles and the ability to implement them while developing WordPress websites.

Strong communication and teamwork: Effective communication skills to collaborate with clients, designers, and other team members throughout the development process.

Attention to detail: Meticulousness in ensuring code quality, browser compatibility, and overall website performance.
Continuous learning: Eagerness to stay updated with the latest WordPress trends, tools, and technologies to deliver cutting-edge solutions.

Job Responsibilities

Skills & Qualifications


Salary Range

Rs.25000 - Rs.30000 INR

Job Summery

  • Location:
    Surat, India

  • Job Title:
    Full Time

  • Experience:
    3 - 4 years

  • Gender:
    Both males and females are allowed to apply

  • Age
    22 to 38 years

  • Working Hours:
    10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

  • Deadline:
    31 Augest, 2023

  • Salary:
    Rs.25000 - Rs.30000 INR

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